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Visitors often comment upon Japan’s curious array of accommodation options. In this great city you can find anything from a top class hotel with its own art gallery to a traditional ryokan (inn) where guests share a communal Japanese bath. And for the budget traveller there are a great number of decent cheap hotels and Tokyo hostels to choose from.

Tokyo youth hostels tend to be dormitory style, and if you don’t mind sharing they offer the best way to keep expenses down in this pricey city. The Taito district is home to much of the city’s budget accommodation, which is mainly gathered around the areas of Ueno and Asakusa. Surrounding the city, areas such as Yokahama also offer good alternatives.

For an authentic taste of Tokyo accommodation, a capsule hotel is the cheapest option. However, these are generally only for men only due to the fact capsules are left unlocked at night, and capsule hotel owners are often averse to hiring out capsules to foreigners.

A new phenomenon is the 24-hour internet café which is a great place to spend a night if you are waiting for an early train. A comfortable chair is yours for the evening, and you have use of a PC or DVDs. Late in the evenings some karaoke boxes offer their couches to travellers for cheap prices.

In the heart of Tokyo lies the Backpackers Hostel Tokyo, near Roppongi Hills on the Azabu Juban shopping streets. It is excellently located, being within walking distance of Tokyo Tower, Mori Tower, Akasaka, Roppongi and Arisgawa Park, and is popular among volunteers, students and backpackers. In its large lounge area people from all around the world come together.

The Tokyo International Hostel is located in a high-rise building on the 18th and 19th floors and offers incredible panoramic views of the city—even when lying in one of the shared baths views of the city be enjoyed. Rooms are all dormitory style and the hostel offers discounts for children and students under 18 years old.

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