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The pretty city of Nikko is a well-used gateway to Nikko National Park and a major pull for visitors to the area. Many Japanese people visit Nikko to take part in a mountain worship practice of both Buddhist and Shinto beliefs and have done so for hundreds of years.

The national park provides its visitors with an endless wealth of fauna and flora all contained in mountainous landscapes which can be explored on foot along one of the numerous hiking trails. The ideal time for tourists to see the park is out of the winter months when the terrain can be hard work.

Most visitors to the national park in Nikko travel around the many local attractions during their stay including the Togoshogu Shrine and Taiyuinbyo, both intricately created mausoleums shrouded in legend.

Nikko is situated on a portion of the Romantic Road and Nikko accommodation is made up of a variety of lodging options from traditional ryokan to five-star resorts. The shores of Lake Chuzenji boast rich autumn colours and the area is so vast and untouched that visitors can enjoy relaxing to the sounds of nature.

Yumoto Onsen is a lavish resort based around a series of natural hot springs at the heart of the national park and its lush surroundings. Kinugawa Onsen can also be found nearby and makes for a pleasant daytrip for those who enjoy getting back to nature.

Nikko hotels are often accompanied by a spa, many of which are of a very high standard that would please even the pickiest of traveller. Japan provides its worldwide visitors with a whole host of spa treatments and Nikko accommodation is no exception, with wraps, massages and steam room all on offer.

For those who are looking for a top quality hotel in Nikko there are many to choose from and prices start in line with budget hotels in the West right up to the most luxurious rooms in keeping with prices in European and US city hotels.


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