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Nagoya Station JR Central Towers

Nagoya Station JR Central Towers, Japan

Nagoya is Japan's fourth largest city and a centre for manufacturing with Toyota being one of its major manufacturing residents.

Forming the central hub of Nagoya city is Nagoya Station and Sakae. Nagoya Station, the arrival point of the Tōkaidō line Shinkansen, is a massive thriving complex featuring cinemas, hotels including the Nagoya Marriot, a variety of shops, offices and, standing at a prominent 245 metres, the JR Central Towers.

2 kilometres East of Nagoya Station is Sakae; a lively shopping and Entertainment district.

Nagoya accommodation is plentiful with Nagoya Station and Fushima providing the largest concentration of hostels and hotels in Nagoya. APA Hotel Nagoya Nishiki and Nagoya Station Hotel offer quality business accommodation while travelers looking for a more traditional experience may find Ryokan Meiryu or the luxurious Gisan Ryokan a preferable option.

For Backpackers, Nagoya hostels can be conveniently found near train stations and attractions.

Japan’s third major airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport is located just 30 minutes South of central Nagoya.

Discover the great range of accommodation Nagoya has to offer.

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