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Port of Kobe, Japan

The capital of Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe, is one of Japan's 10 biggest cities. Situated between the Rokko mountain range and the sea, it is also considered one of the most appealing and exotic destinations in the country. For centuries, Kobe has been a leading port city and remains one of Japan's more cosmopolitan locations.

In January 1995, Kobe was struck by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake that killed more than 5,000 people and demolished tens of thousands of constructions. One decade later, Kobe city is entirely rebuilt, with few signs of the tragedy still visible.

Kobe is renowned for its tender Kobe beef as well as the huge Arima Onsen hot spring theme park boasting 17 hot springs. Other notable attractions include the Ikuta Shrine and the Kobe Port Tower, while a cable car ride to Mt Rokko’s summit offers a breathtaking night view of the city. The world’s longest suspension bridge connects the mainland city of Kobe with the island of Awaji over a distance of 6.5kms.

Kobe presents its visitors a wide range of accommodation for every taste and budget in both Japanese and Western styles. Options vary from first class hotels, traditional Japanese style inns (ryokan) and bed and breakfast lodgings (minshuku) to low-cost hostels and dormitories as well as unique capsule hotels.

The city centre is popular for its bustling Chinatown, where dining establishments and a maze of shopping streets featuring trendy boutiques thrive. You can also find a lively nightlife scene here, with numerous jazz clubs and lots of other entertainment available. Furthermore, Kobe’s fashion and convention facilities draw business people and tourists from all over the globe.

Kobe Airport, set on an island south of Port Island, and Osaka International Airport in close-by Itami primarily offer domestic flights, with the major international hub in the region being Kansai International Airport in Osaka. A number of expressways link the city with various destinations such as Osaka, Yamaguchi and Naruto; it is recommended you acquire a Kobe map to navigate the roads.


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