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Japan Hotels

Park Hyatt Hotel, Tokyo

Japan has always been expensive, but in recent years prices have decreased when it comes to accommodation. Now, it is even possible to find a cheap hotel in Japan, meaning there is hotel accommodation in Japan to suit almost any budget from ultra expensive to the surprisingly cheap.


Japan hotels range from luxury hotels down through to capsule hotels, with a number of cheap business hotels spread throughout the country. Prices vary greatly between the nation’s major cities with Tokyo hotels and Kyoto hotels comparing quite expensively next to hotel accommodation found in Japan’s countryside.

Many travellers enter and leave the country at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport, which is a fair distance from the capital, so if it’s a matter of a late arrival or early departure, Narita airport hotels are a good option. The same situation applies to Kansai International Airport near Osaka.

Hotel chains in Japan include international chains as well as Japanese chains such as JAL, ANA and Nikko.

Business Hotels

Sky Court Narita

Business hotels in japan are a good option for short stays or for those who want to avoid the higher rates of large city hotels.  There are always business hotels to be found near train stations and  if people are prepared to take a bus or taxi from the station, good rates can be found with rooms starting from JPY 4,500. Rooms are small, but clean and provide all the necessities. There is usually a bed, TV, fridge and bathroom with shower and toilet. Some business hotels may provide breakfast, but don't expect any fancy restaurants.

Love Hotels

Other quirky sleeping options found in Japan's big cities are what locals refer to as love hotels. Love Hotel Hill in the Shibuya district of Tokyo is perhaps the country’s most famous area for these often tacky but always amusing lodgings. Local couples looking for privacy often use love hotels on an hourly basis, and the range of themes and décor makes shopping around a pretty good time in itself.

Capsule Hotels

Another legendary way to spend a night in Japan is in a capsule hotel. Usually used by commuters and salarymen on business trips, these generally consist of six to eight capsules built into a wall, just big enough for a person to lay down in. Science fiction fans will certainly get a kick out of these.