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Japan Accommodation

Types of Accommodation in Japan

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Tokyo Hotel - Park Hyatt

Park Hyatt Hotel Tokyo

Park Hyatt Hotel, Tokyo

Thousands of western style hotels can be found throughout Japan, but are mostly found in Japan’s cities.

Hotels in Japan include international chains as well as Japanese chains such as JAL, ANA and Nikko. There are luxury hotels and moderate hotels, all of which do not differ too much from their international counter parts, except that they may be a little smaller in cities like Tokyo due to limited space.

Room rates start from around jpy 20,000, more often than not hotel staff speak English and Japan's attention to service should always ensure a pleasurable stay.

Bussiness Hotels

Sky Court Narita

Business hotels in japan are a good option for short stays or for those who want to avoid the higher rates of large city hotels.  There are always business hotels to be found near train stations and  if people are prepared to take a bus or taxi from the station, good rates can be found with rooms starting from JPY 4,500.

Rooms are small, but clean and provide all the necessities. There is usually a bed, TV, fridge and bathroom with shower and toilet. Some business hotels may provide breakfast, but don’t expect any fancy restaurants. At best, there may be a basic restaurant or simply snacks and refreshments available via vending machines.

At business hotels guests pay at check in. There should be information in English a